Frequently asked questions / FAQ

Actual from 1.1.2024

What types of travel tickets are available to IDS BBSK?

One-day transfer ticket, Prepaid travel ticket, 24-hour ticket, Network travel ticket, Import travel ticket

How do I find out where, which bus and what time I should travel?

You can use the search engine, where you enter when and where you want to travel, then the system will recommend the best connection and ticket price.

How much will I pay for the ticket?

It depends on how much I want to travel and where. You can then use the calculator to calculate the fare.

We are preparing a fare calculator.

Where can I buy a ticket?

You can buy a travel ticket online or physically. You can buy online on the website (e-shop, in the application (we are preparing)), physically in the customer center or on the bus.

However, be careful what type of ticket you are interested in, because some sales channels may not offer the ticket you want for sale. sales scheme

What advantages will the zone-relational tariff bring?

When purchasing a ticket, this tariff will allow you to travel not only from point A to point B, but also from “zone A” to “zone B” and thus use several stops in the zones. If you happen to take a nap on the bus and miss getting off at your stop, you can return if you can do it within the time limit of the ticket.

What are tariff zones?

The Banskobystry region is divided into zones, in which individual stops are located. When you buy a ticket, you buy a session from zone to zone, and this tells you which zones you can use within the purchased ticket. However, when buying a ticket, it is enough to say your destination stop. You can get more detailed information in the tariff.

Why is it advantageous to buy a prepaid travel ticket?
  1. Passengers who travel regularly will be favored.
  2. Subscription tickets for a longer period of time are even more advantageous (monthly, quarterly, annually).
How do I check the validity of the ticket?

The validity of the ticket can be verified in the e-shop and applications (we are preparing) after logging into your account, by calling the IDS BBSK call center or by physically visiting the nearest IDS BBSK customer center.

What to do in case of lost card?

If you lose your card, call the IDS BBSK call center or visit the nearest IDS BBSK customer center.

What is an identifier?

It is, for example, an ATM card, a transport (IDS) card or another device operating on the NFC principle and is used to identify oneself on the bus with a ticket.

Are discounts for seniors (63-70) valid for any form of purchase/type of ticket?

Yes, for seniors aged 63-70, a 50% discount will apply from the full fare for all types of ticket purchases.

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